Kubica’s Monte hopes dashed

Renault Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica’s plans to compete in the Monte Carlo Rally have once more been hampered.

Last season an engine failure before the start robbed the Polish driver the chance of starting the most famous rally of them all and this season Renault has stood in his way.

Kubica had planned on using a car from another manufacturer in the season opening IRC event. Renault, has no car capable of competing in the Super 2000 class felt they had no choice but to curtail his attempts to make the start.

Kubica has competed in various national rallies over the past three years and feels that while it does little to improve his Formula 1 techniques the lessons he has learned has made it a valuable experience for him.

Questions have to be asked about why Renault did not voice their concerns about his plans earlier in his preparations because it has been clear for some time that Kubica planned to compete in the Super 2000 class. It is unlikely that there will be any lasting damage to their relationship but it does pose an interesting question about the recent ownership changes at Renault and the attention they have had for their prized driver.

The Monte Carlo Rally will start 18 January with 39 S2000 cars taking the starting ramp.

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