Ecclestone open to discussing Aussie future

Formula 1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, has offered organisers of the Australian Grand Prix the opportunity leave the F1 calendar.

Speaking to 3AW, an Australian radio station, Ecclestone commented on a newspaper column written by Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle. In the column Doyle said that he felt the city should cut ties with Formula 1 when their contract ends in 2015 citing the rising costs and falling spectator numbers.

Ecclestone said, “If he’s not happy with the event in Australia, if he wants to cancel the contract, we’d be happy to talk to him about that. If he wishes to cease having the event in Melbourne, I am happy to discuss that with him.”

Ecclestone once more said that he has “always been happy because I’ve always thought we had big, big support in Melbourne,” he said. “The only thing is the mayor doubts it.”

It will be interesting to see of Doyle makes any further comment in the coming days.

Since moving to Melbourne in 1996 the Grand Prix became a standard bearer for Formula 1 and has been popular with fans, and teams, and any move to leave Australia would surely raise the ire of fans of the sport.

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