Red Bull lift the lid on title favourite

Reigning world champions Red Bull Racing have lifted the covers on the car that is expected to see the team set the pace in Formula 1 once more this year.

The RB7, powered once more by a Renault engine, was unveiled in the Valencia pitlane prior to the start of testing at the Spanish circuit. The car continues to follow a similar aerodynamic philosophy as its championship winning predecessor but features some subtle changes. The most obvious of these is with the rear wing.

Reigning drivers’ champion Sebastian Vettel will be partnered with Mark for the third consecutive season and the team hope to be able to continue their form of 2010 that saw their drivers start from pole position on 15 occasions and winning nine times.

Technical director Adrian Newey spoke at the launch.

“Preparing for the new season has been an interesting challenge for all of us,” said Newey. “There have been a number of changes to the regulations and while they are not as comprehensive as the changes for 2009, the major differences – such as the re-introduction of the KERS system and the arrival of a moveable rear wing to aid overtaking – have meant that RB7 is quite different to last year’s car.

“However, what we have done is taken the philosophy of continuing evolution. We have evolved RB6, which itself was an evolution of 2009’s RB5, and this is, if you like, the third generation of a successful lineage.”

With testing underway in Spain much interest will centre on whether the team can continue setting the pace.

Vettel will be behind the wheel on the opening day of testing.

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