Williams reveals the FW33

Williams will begin the Valencia tests with their brand new FW33. The new car will once more be powered by Cosworth and will take to the track later today in the hand of Rubens Barrichello.

The FW33 features the latest design trends with a high nose the most obvious feature from the images released thus far. The other area of note on the car is the intricate air box design, a key feature on numerous designs released thus far.

Williams had a strong season in 2010, finishing sixth in the constructors’ chase, and the team are confident of continuing to make progress in the coming year.

Techncial director Sam Michael was keen to speak of the changes the team have made in the last year:

“Until you start testing you’re never sure how you’re going to stack up against the opposition, but we’re optimistic,” he said.

“We think this is a good car, but we’ll have a better overall picture in a few weeks time.”

He added: “The design of this year’s car has been pretty smooth. We’ve improved our way of working by increasing the communication between the mechanical and aerodynamic departments, and that improved our decision making processes. It allowed us to increase the optimisation time spent on each part of the car.”

The team are yet to launch their official livery so the car will run in the team’s navy blue testing colours.

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