Dallas gets ready for Super Bowl XLV

This weekend Dallas, Texas plays host to Super Bowl 45 and not even the unseasonal snow storms will keep fans away from “Big D” this weekend. Tomorrow’s game will see two of the most storied franchises in the history of the sport battle it out for the right to be called champions. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers have played an instrumental role in creating the mystique of the NFL that has seen the league grow to dominate American culture.

This weekend’s championship decider will also give each team the right to call themselves the most successful NFL team in history by winning a seventh league title. Every year the Super Bowl gets bigger and bigger but with so much history and passion being brought to this game by the participants it is unlikely that there will be a game with so much significance in the near future.

Adding to the allure of this weekend’s game is that the leagues ongoing labour dispute casting a cloud of doubt over when next season will begin. With a lockout imminent it is clear that this will be the last game played for months and that players will face an uncertain future with little prospect of a resolution in the coming weeks and indeed months.

As a result this game is as good as it gets for fans of American Football. There are two of the biggest teams playing and both teams bring an exciting brand of hard hitting defensive football mixed with fast paced offenses. When a champion is crowned in the small hours of Monday morning a new chapter of NFL history will be written.

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