How the Packers can the Super Bowl

If the Green Bay packers are to lift the Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl they will need to play at the very peak of their abilities.

One of the keys to success for the Packers will be utilising their speed on the offensive side of the ball. Green Bay will look to spread the field by using a variety of four and even five receiver sets that will force Pittsburgh to line up a linebacker on a receiver. In this mismatch the linebacker will be unable to keep pace with the receiver and Aaron Rodgers should have a clear target to aim at.

The Packers need to use their offensive personnel wisely and have players like Donald Driver and Greg Jennings line up as a slot receiver. If they do this Green Bay will consistently have a receiver capable of making a big play over the middle and force the Steelers to react to this. The easiest reaction the Steelers can make is to use Troy Polamalu to offer help to the linebackers and assist in covering the receiver. If this happens Green Bay can nullify Polamalu, the Steelers most versatile defender.

Apart from speed the Packers have shown that they can dominate in a dome. The roof will be closed in Cowboys Stadium and in perfect conditions Rodgers has shown himself to be all but unstoppable. His recent destruction of the top seeded Atlanta Falcons demonstrates that Rodgers can dissect any team and dominate on a big stage. The stage does not get any bigger than Sunday but if the Packers are to win their first title since 1996 it is crucial that Rodgers plays well.

The Packers have consistently shown a never say die attitude in 2010 and this could be crucial to the outcome of Sunday’s game. The Packers have not trailed by more than a touchdown all season and even though they lost six games in the regular season four of these defeats were by a field goal or less. A teams ability to keep themselves in games is crucial and if Rodgers can find his best form it could be very hard for Pittsburgh to contend with the Packers.

The Green Bay defence has played superbly throughout the year but their playoff form is inspiring. They have shown the consistent ability to make plays, and crucially force turnovers. The game plan for Green Bay will continue to be to put pressure on the quarterback from various blitz packages and force a bad throw into the secondary. The success of Clay Matthews this year has stolen a lot of headlines but on Sunday one of the keys will be whether Ben Roethlisberger will make a bad decision when facing the rush, if he does players like Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields or Nick Collins will look to make a crucial interception.

Green Bay has enough weaponry; on both sides of the ball, to win this game but with only two players having experienced the bright lights of the Super Bowl it is clear that the team are taking a step into the unknown.

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