Ecclestone backtracks on Bahrain decision

The decision to reschedule the Bahrain Grand Prix was met with widespread condemnation from fans and media outlets around the world. With political uprising and government oppression still ongoing in the island Kingdom Formula 1 has been painted in an exceptionally negative light for their decision.

The publicity was so negative that FOM president, Bernie Ecclestone, has even decided that the decision needs to be looked into again.

Ecclestone told The Times: “The way things are at the moment, we have no idea what is going to happen. Better that we move Bahrain to the end of the season and, if things are safe and well, then that is fine, we can go. If they are not, then we don’t go and there are no problems.”

“We listened to that report from the FIA [carried out by Carlos Gracia] and that was saying there were no problems at all in Bahrain. But that is not what I am hearing and I think we can see that we need to be careful.”

Former FIA president Max Mosley was adamant in his belief that the decision was a mistake and would be reversed because it contravenes the International Sporting Code.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, Mosley said: “I don’t think there is the slightest chance the grand prix will actually happen;

“Apart from anything else, you cannot change the calendar in the way it is proposed to change without the unanimous agreement of the teams.”

He added: “The teams that participate, if there is going to be a change, for example by moving the Indian event, [then] there has to be unanimous agreement. It is absolutely part of the rules – it is Article 66 of the International Sporting Code. Until the written agreement of the teams is forthcoming, you can’t change the date – it cannot be done.”

The Formula One Teams Association will meet today and announce their thoughts on the Bahrain Grand Prix later today.

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