Arm pump the cause of Stoner’s slump

Having led most of the race Casey Stoner finished the season opening Qatar Grand Prix in third position after suffering from severe arm pump.

The reigning world champion started suffering in the early stages of the race but it was only in finals laps that Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa were able to take advantage of the Australian’s ailment.

Speaking after the race Stoner said “After three or four laps I started to feel my arm fighting up and then I got lead for a couple of laps and it started to get worse very quickly especially when I pushed for a couple of laps.”

Forced to ease off Stoner hoped that the problem would fade and he would be able to hold off his rivals for the victory but even though he was riding to “put in the least effort” possible it was to no avail.

Stoner went on to say that, “when I was accelerating hard it was making things worse and braking hard was making it a lot worse. As they race went on it slowly progressed and got worse and worse to a point where I couldn’t hang on anymore and I couldn’t even keep the throttle open on the straight and that was making some really big issues for me.”

Stoner comment that he suffered from the problem during his final season with Duacti in 2010 after the British Grand Prix and now his attention is focused firmly on his recovery:

“I haven’t had arm pump since that incident in 2010,” said Stoner. “Theres a few things that we did last time that helped. We sort of did things our own way [in 2010] and I don’t want to let everyone know my secret to getting rid of it last time, but yeah it worked very well last time, within a week actually.”

With three weeks until the next round of the MotoGP season, the Spanish Grand Prix atJerez, time is on Stoner’s side but arm pump can be a notoriously difficult injury to heal quickly.

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