Dovi shoulders blame for poor qualifying effort

Having claimed his first rostrum of the season in the previous at Barcelona Andrea Dovizioso was expected to challenge the pace setters once again this weekend but the Tech 3 rider struggled in qualifying.

Dovizioso qualified in eighth position, over one second slower than Alvaro Bautista’s pole time, but speaking afterwards the Italian was in reflective mood as he told of how wind played havoc with the handling of his bike.

“I made a really bad start to the lap but I want to take all the fault for this,” said the former 125cc world champion.

“I think that the reason that I was not so fast, just in the qualifying because in practice I was fast, is because there was a lot of wind and I ride. At turn six (Brooklands) the wind was like this (indicates a crosswind) so you have one idea where to brake and the line but when the wind is strongest you are already on the limit so you can make a mistake.”

Looking forward to the race Dovizioso knows that a fast start is key to having a successful race.

“The lap [at Silverstone] is fast and long but the start is so short and I can’t lost time in the first two laps; Ill have to push hard. Normally Im pretty fast in the first few laps and I hope tomorrow is going to have better conditions and less winds.”

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