Pedrosa questions the motive for new tyres in MotoGP

With a spate of front end crashes affecting MotoGP riders at Silverstone Dani Pedrosa has been an outspoken critic Bridgestone’s decision to bring a new specification of front tyre to the British Grand Prix but it also seems that he believes that the tyre was introduced to level the competitive field in the premier class.

In previous races the tyre had been brought to races and was available to riders as an alternative to the previous tyre type but from Silverstone onwards Bridgestone have made a decision to bring it as the sole tyre type and therefore the teams and riders are forced to use the new construction.

The Spaniard however has been very critical of the decision to introduce the tyres and made his feeling perfectly clear after qualifying and how significant a role they have played in the accidents throughout the weekend.

“The front tyre for me is completely wrong,” said Pedrosa. “I Think it is a big issue and you can see today how many front crashes, I think it is the most front crashes from all the race tracks. I don’t know how many crashes were last year in, more or less, the same conditions. I believe this tyre is so soft that everyone that has to run it with a lot of inner pressure and you start to lose the feeling and over bumps it is not absorbing at all and I believe that it is a big mistake.”

More interestingly Pedrosa then went on to question the motives of the decision to bring the new tyres.

“We did this swap because some people see an advantage. I think today in qualifying you can see that the gap to the second group is closed up and this means that the performance of the tyre is much worse and you cannot take profit of the riding.”

With Hector Barbera qualifying as the leading Ducati in sixth position, and equalling his career best MotoGP grid position, Pedrosa’s comments could be seen as a barb at Ducati and a desire by MotoGP organisers to assist Bologna manufacturer competitive once again.

The Pracmac rider set his fastest time in the very early stages of the session and with factory riders Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden both crashing at Vale it is difficult to know just how fast the Ducati was capable of running at Silverstone.

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