Stoner and Lorenzo talk about battle for Silverstone win

The fight for victory at the British Grand Prix victory saw Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner go wheel to wheel in a thrilling overtaking manoeuvres that gave the Spaniard the lead.

The riders battled from the final corner all the way to turn five with each making daring moves to lead the race. Speaking afterwards about the battle it was clear that Lorenzo enjoyed the wheel to wheel element of the fight but with a championship always in his mind it was an anxious moment for the championship leader.

“Fighting [like this] and trying to win the world championship you don’t enjoy a fight like this! One part of you is enjoying it but the other part is very tense and nervous!”

Even so the respect that Lorenzo holds his rival with was clear when he went on to say, “Casey didn’t give up very easily to let me take the position so I like to race with this kind of rider.”

With Stoner hampered by severe rear tyre wear he felt that it was impossible to defend against Lorenzo.

“In the middle of the corner it was easy for him to turn up the inside of us and get past,” said the Australian. “It was almost impossible [to keep ahead of Lorenzo], we got to the first left hander and that was it, game over. He just pulled straight away and I couldn’t do anything. For the first few laps I tried to brake deep and push hard but every time I’d do that I’d lose the rear.”

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