Elias and Aspar split after “mutual decision”

In the aftermath of the Italian Grand Prix it was announced that Toni Elias was leaving the Aspar Moto2 squad by “mutual consent.”

The 2010 intermediate class champion has struggled throughout the current campaign and after crashing out of today’s race at Mugello it seems as if both parties have agreed that it is in their best interest to end their agreement.

Elias dominated the series two years ago, winning seven races, but the Spaniard has struggled to adapt to the Suter chassis that the Aspar team have been using. The chassis though is probably only partially to blame for his struggles.

The Aspar squad has consistently struggled to find the same level of performance with their four-stroke machinery that they enjoyed with the 125cc and 250cc bikes that they won championships with on a regular basis.

When you view the performances of Julian Simon this year, with Avintia, it is clear that there are some deep rooted issues for the Aspar team when it comes to understanding the Moto2 machinery.

The struggles that Aspar have had with Nico Terol and Elias in Moto2 have not been isolated. The team has also been off the pace in Moto3 this season with Hector Faubel and Alberto Moncayo struggling. The team’s only podium this season has been Moncayo’s wet weather second palce finish atLe Mans.

When you factor in the economic instability inSpain, as shown by Bankia no longer sponsoring the team, and it is clear that there is also a likelihood of budget shortfall for Aspar.

Without Bankia sponsorship and Spanish companies struggling to raise the finance it is clear that getting Elias off the payroll would have been a crucial step to ensuring that there are fewer budget issues for the rest of the season.

With Aspar struggling to provide Elias with a competitive bike and the team losing crucial sponsorship cash it is clear that ending their agreement mid-season was a situation that gave each party an acceptable solution to their problems.

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