HRT: Some positive signs from HRT but still languishing at the back of the pack

As with previous years HRT was unable to test their car before the first race of the season. Going to the opening race of the year without turning a wheel in anger makes it impossible to aim for anything other than getting mileage under their belts.

Failing to qualify in Australia was not unexpected but since then HRT has made progress. They are the slowest car on the grid at each race but they have been comfortably in side 107% of the pole position and therefore, even for all their problems, they are deserving of their place on the grid.

Moving the team to Madrid and finally getting the ownership issues resolved was a major step forward and they are now, for the first time ever, in a position of stability. Whether they can progress remains to be seen but they seem to have greater financial resources available to them now than at any other time in their brief history.

The current car clearly lacks downforce but Pedro de la Rosa has done a solid job and easily outperformed Narain Karthikeyan. The Indian has been consistently the slowest driver on the grid but the budget that he brings to the table is clearly needed by HRT.

As was the case in the past even though HRT have been over one second adrift of Marussia and Caterham but for the first time they have made moves towards relevancy and their future actually looks brighter than anyone would have believed in Australia.

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