Vettel still confident that “the speed is there” for Singapore GP

Sebastian Vettel set the pace throughout the weekend until qualifying but the German was unable to carry his practice form through to the crucial qualifying hour.

The Red Bull driver looked confident in Q3 and Q2 but in the all important Q3 session he could do nothing answer the challenge presented by Lewis Hamilton:

“I think the speed was there,” said Vettel after the session. “But we weren’t able to really improve, whereas in Q2 I got the lap in reasonably safely and I was a little bit off Lewis, I think, one and a half tenths. I was confident that we can go quicker somewhere, lower in the 46s region. I think Lewis’s time in Q3 was very quick so… if, could, would, should… we don’t know but I think the pace was there to do better than what we did in Q2 but in Q3 we just couldn’t pick and in the end I was even struggling to repeat the lap I did in the beginning.”

The challenge tomorrow will be to match the speed of Hamilton who has been very quick all weekend, especially on the longer runs of practice yesterday. Vettel however is still very confident of being able to match the pace of his rival during the race tomorrow:

“I think the speed is there. We have been competitive throughout the weekend. The race is very long here, a lot of things can happen – safety cars – so it’s important to be in the right place at the right time and then we go from there.”

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