Leading riders give their views on Marquez

With Marc Marquez having been sent to the back of the grid for causing a crash with Simone Corsi in the afternoon Moto2 practice session the Spaniard’s riding style has once again been put under the microscope.

While race direction are clearly looking for Marquez to avoid accidents in the future he had some support from his future premier class rivals.

While Valentino Rossi laid the blame for the accident squarely at Marquez’ feet the Italian admitted that he enjoys watching the 19 year old race:

I like Marquez very much,” said the Italian. “His style, skills and aggression is good to follow. He’s a talented guy but sometimes he is a bit too aggressive. In MotoGP the speed is a lot more high and it is more dangerous so I think that naturally he will be a bit more quiet.”

While Andrea Dovizioso admitted to not seeing the accident and didn’t want to comment about it specifically he did say that there are similarities between Marquez and Marco Simoncelli:

Marquez is a little bit too aggressive but I think we are in the same situation as Simoncelli,” said the Tech3 rider. “He doesn’t want to crash but his ability to feel the limit is a bit different than the other riders. So for him it is normal [to ride like this] but he doesn’t mean to be aggressive but it doesn’t matter. If you are dangerous you will have to change your style. But I don’t want to speak about today because I didn’t see the crash.”

Dovizioso’s teammate, Cal Crutchlow, also commented on the Moto2 champion’s riding style. The combative Crutchlow had an interesting take on Marquez:

I believe that people have it in for him because he’s the best,” said Crutchlow. “His bike is worse than Espargaro’s. There is no other Suter up there and no-one can do what he does on that bike. At the end of the day he’s won the title and whether he’s aggressive or not that’s the way it is. Some people are aggressive and some are not.”

His biggest strength is that when everyone else is worried about something he isnt. Do you remember about his eye last year? Everyone was whinging about it and worrying about it but he came to the first race and won. I believe he’s a very, very good rider.”

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