DRS use to be more restricted in 2013

It is being widly reported on Twitter, by Adam Cooper and the BBC, that from 2013 the use of DRS in qualifying and practice will be limited to the DRS zones.

“Charlie Whiting confirms that from 2013 DRS can only used in the official DRS zones during practice and qualifying,” tweeted Cooper.

At present the system, which offers a significant straight line speed advantage, can be used at all points on the track before Sunday’s race. As a result we have seen numerous teams look to develop a “double-DRS” device. Mercedes pioneered this at the start of the season and reaped the rewards in early season races but it was Red Bull’s system which perfected the idea.

The Constructors’ Champions incorporated their double-DRS in their Singapore upgrade package in September and have been able to enjoy the fruits of it in qualifying since then.

However from next season they will be restricted to using it solely in one or two designated areas. As a result we can expect to see Red Bull’s qualifying wings clipped quite spectacularly next season.

This weekend’s American Grand Prix will continue to see the unrestricted use of the system in practice and qualifying.

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