Difficult weekend for Grosjean

IMG_0029Romain Grosjean’s Monaco weekend ended with a crash with Daniel Ricciardo. Speaking afterwards the Frenchman was clearly disappointed as he explained his third crash of the weekend:
“I was following him [Ricciardo] for 61 laps and he was struggling with his rear left tyres graining so he had no grip,” said the Frenchman. “I was very close in the tunnel and I had followed his line for many laps and I was caught by the fact that he braked very early in the middle of the track.”
This weekend has shown Grosjean flash moments of great speed but his accidents have meant that he was forced into qualifying on the back foot with his Lotus team having minimal time to fix the damage from his FP3 crash before the start of a qualifying session run in damp conditions.
Grosjean felt that this was a missed opportunity as the pace of the car was impressive throughout the weekend but he was left to rue his crashes and traffic in qualifying after a frustrating weekend:
“I think that we had the car to be in the top three but if qualifying goes wrong here the weekend is difficult,” said Grosjean. “The most frustrating time was qualifying when I was blocked by Ricciardo. I think I had the pace to be the top four or five. In Monaco if you miss qualifying than you cannot do much.”
After his turbulent 2012 season Grosjean had ironed out the accidents that blighted his rookie campaign but it has been a difficult start to the season with the opening races seeing the Frenchman struggle as the team fixed a handling problem with the car:
“The first three races were hard because we didn’t find what was not suiting me in the car,” said Grosjean. “Now that we sorted that out Bahrain was good and Barcelona the simulations said that we were going for the win in the race before the mechanical failure.”
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