Crutchlow aims to ride his own race

Cal-Crutchlow-2-Barcelona-MotoGP-FP2-2013Cal Crutchlow dismissed any notion that he will be under increased pressure from Yamaha to challenge the Honda riders in this weekend’s Dutch TT following Jorge Lorenzo’s crash.
With the Spaniard missing this weekend’s race Yamaha will be looking for their title contender to lose as little ground as possible in the championship while he is sidelined with his fractured collarbone. When asked if he will be approaching this race any differently to help his fellow Yamaha rider Cruchlow said:
“No, I ride for Herve so I will do my own job and ride for our team. My job is to finish as high as I can and my job is to beat the factory Yamaha riders and to beat Jorge.”
Crutchlow was happy with his bike in both wet and dry conditions but felt that in the dry he needed to find some extra time in the opening sector of the lap where he was consistently losing a quarter of a second to Lorenzo.
Cal-Crutchlow-Le-Mans-MotoGP-2013-(5)“I felt quite comfortable in the wet,” said the Englishman. “I didn’t really take too many risks, we saw what can happen when you take risks today. I was quite happy with the setup in the rain but in the dry we need to find a better setting for sector one.”
When asked about the track conditions in the wet Crutchlow said that it was very slippery but when talking about Lorenzo’s accident he said:
“It is slippy on the white line but about six inches before the white line is also slippy. What they paint  the white line that spray is [on the track] by about half a foot. So Jorge probably never touched the white line but when he went onto the six inch patch beside the white line he would have been sucked towards the white line. It could have happened to anyone. It’s unfortunate that it happened to Jorge because he was going to be the man to beat again this weekend.”
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