Crutchlow: “Marquez is the best in the world”

Marc Marquez Stefan Bradl Le Mans MotoGP Qualifying 2013 (5)Marc Marquez has taken the MotoGP world by storm in 2013 with a series of superb performances and a unique riding style. It’s easy to forget but prior to the start of the season the expecatation was the Marquez would be fast but crashes would mean that he would not able to mount a championship challenge.
Cal Crutchlow however has consistently beaten a drum that Marquez would be a challenger from the outset with the Tech3 rider commenting throughout last year that he thought that “His bike is worse than Espargaro’s. There is no other Suter up there and no one else can do what he does on that bike.” 
Speaking at the Catalan Grand Prix Crutchlow gave his views on what makes Marquez such a special rider:
“You only see one of the Marc Marquez’ come along every 15 years and the one before that was Valentino,” said Crutchlow. “It’s as simple as that. He’s fast and he’s tough to beat.”
Cal-Crutchlow-Le-Mans-MotoGP-2013-(3)For Crutchlow it is the Spaniard’s intelligence that sets him apart from other riders.
“Look at Mugello, no-one else would have thought to have leaned the bike over put the bike between himself and the wall. He’s just clever. He’s just like when you drop a cat and it always lands on it’s feet it’s like that and it’s unbelievable. But that’s his forte and he’s so clever.”
The Tech3 rider went on to comment further on Marquez’ intelligence by recounting a discussion with a Showa engineer in 2008:
“I remember one guy at Showa when I worked with him as a factory Honda rider in the UK and I asked him ‘who’s the best guy you ever worked with?’ and he’s worked with Valentino, Colin and Max and lots of guys at the Suzuka 8 Hours and different things and the said Marc Marquez who was only 14 or 15 at the time. He said he was by far and he gives the best feedback.”
Speaking after today’s practice sessions at Assen when asked about Marquez’ performance to set the fastest time in the wet Crutchlow simply said, “Marquez is the best rider in the world at the moment.”
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