Rossi, Marquez and Crutchlow give their views on Lorenzo crash

Jorge Lorenzo Le Mans MotoGP Race 2013 (5)MotoGP’s leading riders all gave their opinions on Jorge Lorenzo’s crash following the Spaniard’s collarbone fracture that will rule him out of the Dutch TT.
The reigning world champion crashed heavily during the wet second practice session and his teammate, Valentino Rossi, thought that it was a simple mistake for the Spaniard when he ran slightly wide and touched a white line:
“I think he touched the white line in a very fast point, it is 5th gear there and he was also a bit on the banking and when he touched the line it was a big crash,” said Rossi. “It is a pity for Jorge and our team because he is coming off two victories in a row. He was riding very well and he was in a good moment. He has a broken collarbone and this injury is usually not very bad and I think he can be ready for the Sachsenring and will lose just one race. So nothing is closed for the championship.”
Lorenzo’s championship challenge has taken a knock with his upcoming non score this weekend but having also failed to score at Assen last year, following a first corner crash with Alvaro Bautista, it is clear that the title is far from over for the Spaniard.
Marc Marquez Le Mans MotoGP Race 2013His compatriot, Marc Marquez was disappointed to hear of the extent of Lorenzo’s injury because he wants to be pushed in his rookie year in an attempt to raise his game to the necessary level of the premier class. When asked for his thoughts on the accident Marquez said:
“I was very sorry for Jorge because we arrive at that corner very fast,” said the Moto2 champion. “He has had a pefect start to the season but he was unlucky that his second crash [of the year] has injured him. I hope he has a good recovery. I would prefer to race against Jorge because he is so fast and in my first year I want to see where the limit is. Always you push harder when he is there.”
Cal Crutchlow also gave his views on the injury and with the Englishman having fractured his collarbone two years ago after a heavy crash during practice for the British Grand Prix he has a good perspective on the recovery process from the injury:
Cal-Crutchlow-Le-Mans-MotoGP-2013-(3)“He has been lucky in a sense because of the Saturday race here he has got an extra day,” said the Englishman. “He will have the best treatment and we know that people can ride with a broken collarbone. I did it and I am sure Jorge is tough enough to come back and ride because Sachsenring is a tough circuit, especially on your left collarbone.”
Crutchlow went on to say that Lorenzo’s riding style could also give him an advantage in his comeback.
“Jorge’s riding style is smooth enough where he doesn’t brake that hard anyway. He puts more pressure through his legs than the handlebars. I don’t think it will be a problem for him to come back. He won’t be the only rider to have raced with a broken collarbone. We say Jorge never makes mistakes and he didn’t today. He didn’t run off the track and it was the luck of the draw and that’s the way it is.”
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