Hayden pinning hopes to rain

Nicky-Hayden-Barcelona-MotoGP-FP1-2013Nicky Hayden was the leading Ducati rider in qualifying for the Dutch TT but the American struggled throughout the session with a lack of grip and could only manage to set the tenth fastest time.
Hayden had been competitive in the wet FP3 session but once slicks went onto the GP13 he started to struggle:
“This morning in the wet we made a big improvement with the grip and I was very comfortable,” said Hayden. “When I stopped I was fastest but we were trying to save wet tyres for qualifying in case it was raining. We hoped those changes would also carry over to the dry but we found the same problems as yesterday [a lack of grip] and I was unable to get comfortable and get the bike to work for me.”
When asked how the bike was handling the the 2006 world champion said:
“It was moving around in changes of direction and corner entry. I was able to advance through to Q2 but once I got there I wasn’t able to go fast enough for a good grid position. It was a frustrating day but we’ll try and calm down tonight and study the data. The biggest problem is a lack of grip and that’s our problem so I hope it rains tomorrow.”
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