Lack of balance hinders Chilton

Max-Chilton-Monaco-2013-(2)Max Chilton struggled with a balance problem in qualifying ahead of his first British Grand Prix.
The Marussia driver had issues with rear end stability and with Silverstone incorporating so many fast sequences of corners any such problem will cost a driver a lot of time.
Speaking after the session Chilton acknowledged that there was still work to be done but that his race pace should give him the opportunity to fight with Caterham:
“Today was a struggle in free practice,” admitted Chilton. “We had a balance issue and Silverstone is a high speed circuit and if you don’t have the balance you’ll lost out quite a lot. We improved in qualifying but so did everyone else. We’ll have to put it behind us now and in FP2 our race pace was really good. Our race pace is pretty good and Caterham are our target. I think that we should have a pretty close race and hopefully get the upper hand.”
Racing in front of his home fans for the first time clearly means a lot to the rookie and he was keen to soak up the atmosphere and the experience of racing at home:
“It’s an amazing experience here. The crowd have been here since Wednesday and there’ Union Jacks everywhere it’s amazing. The fans are here all the time and it’s a great weekend. I can’t wait to do the drivers’ parade tomorrow and see all the fans.”
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