Wrong setup choice hampers Crutchlow

Cal-Crutchlow-2-Laguna-Seca-FP1-2013Morning pace setter Cal Cruthclow was only able to set the fifth fastest time in FP2 after the Tech3 rider struggled with setup issues in the afternoon. Having made setup changes before the 45 minute session the team elected not to make changes during FP2. It was a decision that clearly irked Crutchlow afterwards but he is still confident that they team now understands where they need to improve:
“We didn’t change anything during the afternoon so we rode around for the whole session with the same problem,” said the Englishman. “I think we missed an opportunity to change something but we know the way we want to go tomorrow. I need to improve in one sector myself and another where where hopefully me and the bike need to improve. We need to improve in S1 and S3 and we’ll try some things with the bike tomorrow.” 
Numerous MotoGP riders have complained about the Bridgestone tyres today and Crutchlow said that the matter will once again be tabled at the Safety Commission later today. Speaking about the problems with the tyre Crutchlow said:
“It’s funny that we’re using the same tyre as last year but we can’t run it now. Every rider on the grid last year used this tyre and only one rider used it today and it was a complete disaster. I don’t understand this because they didn’t change the layout of the track but it’s been the same every race this year.”
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