Lorenzo looking for low risk race

jorge-lorenzo-2-laguna-seca-fp3-2013In a very competitive MotoGP qualifying session Jorge Lorenzo was just a quarter of a second from pole position but the Spaniard could only manage sixth on the grid.
Speaking after the session Lorenzo admitted to being surprised to have qualified sixth given his laptime but was pleased with his physical condition on the bike:
“I feel better than in FP4 because the anti-inflamitaries came into effect more,” said Lorenzo. “I was able to push more and try to take some small risks. I could make the 21.4 lap and when I saw the time I thought it would be pole position but finally all the other riders improved and it was so close in the top six.”
Laguna Seca is one of the most physical tracks on the calendar due to its bumpy nature and with tomorrow’s 32 lap race set to be run in hot conditions it will prove to be a major test for all the riders. When asked for his assessment of his chances in tomorrow’s race Lorenzo said:
“If I have a good start and the riders in front of me don’t have a good start than maybe I can pass one or two riders. But if that doesn’t happen and I keep in sixth position I will see if I can overtake some riders but it will be difficult because they are perfect under braking. The important thing is not to take many risks and see how the race [develops].”
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