Bradl looking for more podiums

stefan-bradl-laguna-seca-FP3-2013Stefan Bradl claimed his first MotoGP podium at Laguna Seca and afterwards the 2011 Moto2 world champion was clearly thrilled to have finally stood on the rostrum.
Having shown a marked improvement of late the German had been much more competitive and a debut rostrum looked like a possibility last weekend in Germany before fading to fourth. At Laguna Seca however Bradl was able to convert his first pole position to a podium finish:
“It was a good weekend for us and I was able to make the pole position yesterday, which was a great sign for us, and on the other side the expectations are quite high,” said Bradl. “In the last three races we have been progressing and coming closer and closer to the podium and finally today we made it happen.”
Bradl then went on to assess his race.
stefan-bradl-laguna-seca-FP2-2013“The pressure was high because from pole position it is always different but I made a good start and pushed from the beginning but on full tanks I was careful and expected to be faster but I had some moments so just stayed calm and it was only Marc who could follow me. When he caught me I could see that he had more grip in the corners and I just tried to control the gap to Valentino. It was a long and tough race.” 
Having now claimed that first rostrum the German’s confidence is high and after the race he showed that his goals are now moved to being a consistent front runner:
“Hopefully the first podium is the most difficult and the next one comes easier! The pressure has been high lately because we were close to the podium and for the future this is important for me and the team and this is a good weekend for us.”


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