No regrets for Dovizioso but looking forward to technical shake up at Ducati

andrea dovizioso misano motogp fp2 2013What was your opinion on the Marquez and Pedrosa incident?
Dani was very unlucky and Marquez made a small mistake. But for sure I think that we have to consider how many times this has happened with Marquez. It was important to spend the time and speak  about that. It’s always difficult in this situation to give a penalty. The incident was small but the end result was that Dani crashed and Marquez didn’t have any problem. The effect of the crash had some consequences on what happened [in the rest of the race].

If you were in Marc’s position how would you react to the incident and getting a penalty for it?
The penalty is almost zero that Marc has so I think that he is lucky to only take this penalty.

andrea-dovizioso-Laguna-Seca-FP1-2013Do you think is race direction now under pressure that any time that there is contact, in any of the three classes, should race direction hand out penalties?
No, I think you have to consider which rider is involved. The mistake that Marc made was very small but Marquez has made many times something like this. You can make a different decision if it happens with riders who don’t usually make mistakes.

Have you been close on track to Marc during practice and qualifying this year? Do you think is he a dangerous rider?
He is not dangerous but he is aggressive and takes more risks than some of the other riders so it is easy to sometimes make a small mistake. When you make a mistake and you don’t disturb the other riders it is OK but when you always take a risk and effect other riders that is a problem.

For this weekend what are you expectations or will it be the same as the last few races?
It can’t be different; the bike is the same and it’s not the best for Ducati. I love this track and being here and it’s one of my favourite tracks but our bike doesn’t work well here. But we’ll see tomorrow and what the conditions are.

andrea-dovizioso-laguna-seca-fp3-2013What do you like about this track?
Everything! It’s fast and large and there are long fast corners. I really love this track with every bike.

Looking back on the season so far do you have any regrets on coming to Ducati?
No, I expected this situation when at the beginning of the season but I expected us to improve the situation more than what we did. I’m not happy about that and Ducati aren’t happy about that. Our target is the same and we have to try and improve the situation.

Have you talked to Cal at all since his signing?
A little bit but nothing special.

Tech-3-Cal-Crutchlow-Andrea-Dovizioso-Silverstone-Race-2012How is the relationship between the two of you?
It’s good, we had one year together and we never fought off the track. On the track we had a lot of fights but it was clean fighting so we have a good relationship.

As far as riding styles are concerned do you share any similarities?
No not really. He brakes softer but his corner speed in the middle of the corner is very good. With the Ducati the characteristic is very different [to the Yamaha] so I’m very interested to see him on our bike.

andrea dovizioso nicky hayden 2 misano motogp race 2013Do you think going forward that Luigi Dall’Igna joining will make a big difference and do you have any relationship with him at the moment?
I didn’t talk to him and I’ve never worked with him. I was always at the competitor, Honda, when he was at Aprilia so I never worked with him. I think that he will prove to be a good engineer because his results with Aprilia in World Superbikes, 250, 125s have been good. But in WSBK and CRT’s the results have been important especially with the budget that he has had. It’s not the budget of Yamaha, Honda or Ducati so it will be interesting to see him with a bigger budget.

Is the biggest thing just that Ducati now has one person to lead the team?
I think that it’s important to change something inside [Ducati] and this will be good.

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