Smoother Smith looking for “adventurous setup” tomorrow

Bradley-Smith-Sepang-FP2-2013After setting the tenth fastest time in practice at Sepang Bradley Smith evaluated how he has changed since the opening MotoGP tests of the year at the Malaysian venue.

The Englishman confirmed that his riding style has changed considerably since the early season tests and that he has improved considerably in terms of his consistency and riding style. Whereas at the start of the season he felt that he was constantly on the limit and on the verge of crashing he now feels in control of his bike and is able to concentrate on getting the most from the package:

When asked where has made the biggest improvements since the start of his rookie campaign the Tech3 rider said:

Bradley-Smith-2-Sepang-FP2-2013“The way that I am riding and putting laps together on older tyres is probably where I’ve made the biggest improvement,” said Smith. “I’ve probably improved by one second per lap on old tyres so that’s good. I’m much smoother on the bike, especially on old tyres, and I feel so much more in control than I did [at the start of the year] when I always felt on the limit of a crash whereas today I was just putting the bike where I wanted it and doing the same lap times. In terms of rider effort I’m feeling a lot more at home. It’s a conscious effort to change your riding style but there’s definitely a benefit to it and you have to keep doing it and it’s more of an incentive to the rider to keep doing it.”

bradley smith misano motogp fp2 2013When asked for his thoughts on his performance today Smith was pleased with his work but admitted that tomorrow his Tech3 squad will try to make some changes to the bike in a bid to find more time:

“I’m not disappointed with today. It’s nice to turn up to a track and know where to brake, where the tip in points are where the lines are and just work on bike settings. We found a good base today and we’ll try something a little more adventurous tomorrow with something big on one of the bikes.”

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