5 minutes with Jack Miller as he looks ahead to 2014

Jack Miller-Sepang-Qualifying-Moto3-2013Stephen English: How do you sum up last season?
Jack Miller: Well we had a lot of highs and some lows but all-round a great season I learnt so much and hopefully it has prepared me for the next season.

SE: How did the off-season shoulder surgery go and are you back at full fitness now?
JM: I haven’t ridden a bike or gone running as I’m still not 100 percent but I’m getting there and have been cycling a fair bit to keep my fitness up.

Jack Miller-Philip-Island-Warmup-Moto3-2013SE: Last season was your second full season in Grand Prix racing. What were the main things that you have learned since your debut?
JM: That there are some great teams then there are some really not so good ones. Also I learned to remember that the races are very long and you cant win on the first laps.

SE: You moved to Europe in 2011 to race in the German and Spanish 125 championships how difficult was it to move from Australia and how much time do you get to spend at home now?
JM: I moved to Europe in 2010 with a standard 38hp Honda 125 and finished in the points in the Spanish championship as well top 5 in the IDM. The year was really hard but for this job these are the sacrifices we have to make.

Jack Miller-Valencia-Qualifying-Moto3-2013SE: You’re moving to the Ajo KTM team for next season. When you look at the list of riders that they have had in recent years-di Meglio, Marquez, Cortese-do you feel pressure to live up to the results of those riders?
JM: Not so much pressure but more like a confidence boost to see that they are so professional with their riders.

SE: Did you talk to Arthur (Sissis) before signing with Ajo and did he give you any advice on the team? How did you find the team at the Jerez test?
JM: I had already spent 90 percent of my time with the guys from that team in their box like a pest so I sort of knew what they were like.

jack-miller-silverstone-moto3-2013SE: How does the KTM compare to the FTR-Honda?
JM: Each bike has their strong points but for me from the rumours I was a little scared about it but for me the bike is great.

SE: What are you own expectations for 2014?
JM: I want to be world champion I know that it won’t be easy but I think I have the machine and team to be able to accomplish that goal.

SE: What are you plans over the winter and how to you usually spend the off-season?
JM: Normally if I am not broken I like to do Motocross and water skiing and other stuff.  I play golf, supermoto, motocross and work on bikes cycling.

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