Parkes pleased to get grips with COTA

broc parkes cota fp1 2014 (2)The Circuit of the America’s is a tough challenge for any rider but on Friday Broc Parkes admitted that he was surprised by how quickly he had adapted to the track and that it bodes well for a solid weekend for the PBM rider.

Speaking exclusively to the Australian commented about the challenges facing riders at COTA:

“I was surprised with the laptimes that I did straight away with it being the first time that I’ve come here. The track is difficult but I think after a night’s sleep it will be much easier in the morning! Considering what everyone has told me about how difficult it is I’m pretty happy. The whole track is so physical, even the back straight because it’s bumpy and airy so you still have to hang on quite tight. In general this is one of the hardest tracks physically that I’ve been to.”

broc parkes cota fp1 2014 (4)The team have made a change for this weekend with an additional electronics engineer and after the opening door Parkes was clearly pleased with the progress made by the team with their electronics strategies:

“We’ve got a new electronics guy so we started from scratch with new strategies so it’s a completely new bike and we’ve tried a lot of new Traction Control settings and it’s better and easier to ride so now we have to fine time it. We had a sensor problem at the end and lost the last two laps of data but we’ve got some ideas for tomorrow so I feel that if we make the bike easier I’ll go faster.”

While the gap to the other CRT riders was six tenths Parkes is confident that tomorrow the gap will be much closer, “Tomorrow I think that we can catch up to the other CRT’s and can battle with them just like it was in Qatar.”

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