Redding pleased after opening day

scott redding mugello fp1 2014 (3)Having ridden a MotoGP bike at Mugello two years Scott Redding was able to get up to speed quicker at the Italian circuit than at previous races. Redding ended the day 2.4s off the pace of Marc Marquez but with no running in the afternoon session the Englishman will need to evaluate different setups tomorrow.

Speaking after the second session Redding assessed his day:

“It was short but it wasn’t bad,” said Redding. “The first practice was good but we only had the soft front tyre and I wanted to try the medium one because I was lacking front support but we didn’t have time to try it in the end and then obviously in FP2 we had no practice due to the weather conditions.

scott redding le mans fp4 2014 (2)“I’ve ridden the Ducati here so I could kind of expect somethings like the end of the straight and the brow or between the chicanes that you have to try and hold the front down so it wasn’t too bad overall today.”

With rain spitting throughout the afternoon but not creating a wet track the majority of the field didn’t venture out onto the track, with some riders only doing laps to scrub in a set of wet tyres, and for Redding it would have been important to get laps on a fully wet track because he has not ridden a MotoGP bike in the rain yet:

“I haven’t ridden the bike in the wet yet but I said to the guys that I didn’t want to go out when it was only a couple of spits and not have a good feeling. I wanted to wait until it was wet and I could get a feeling and understand the tyres and the bike. I was hoping that it was going to be wet or dry but today it was starting to dry and then it would rain.” 

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