Miller: No consistency for penalties

jacm miller mugello 2014 (2)After the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello Jack Miller bemoaned a lack of consistency in the application of penalty points to Moto3 riders following his last lap crash. The Australian, who dispite his non-score continues to lead the world championship, was handed two penalty points following the crash which saw Miller, Alex Marquez and Enea Bastianini all retire.

Speaking to after the race Miller took responsibility for the crash which saw him dive down the inside of the lead group from seventh position to try and get onto the podium:

jack miller le mans race 2014 (2)“I went in a little bit too aggressive into the corner and tried to take a few too many people at once and I ended up on my arse,” said Miller. “There was a bit of room there and I went for it and Oliviera closed the door and I touched his rear tyre and I stood it up and almost had it but then Marquez ran close and I lost the front. It was completely my fault but I’m pissed off. [Race Director] Mr Webb talked to me and I got two penalty points and I was surprised that I didn’t get more once I started swearing at them. I was waiting for the third one to be added on at the end.”

jack miller mugello 2014 (3)With Webb having said in Argentina, when Miller was hit by Romano Fenati, that on the last lap he gives more leeway to riders to be aggressive when asked if he felt that there was a lack of consistency shown by Race Direction Miller said:

“That was the argument that I had with them and that’s why there was a few f-bombs thrown around in there. It’s a joke and I said that there’s no consistency whatsoever about the system. It’s a joke and what’s two penalty points? It’s a slap on the wrist, they’d be better off just saying ‘don’t do that again.’ We live and we learn and that’s my one fuck up of the year. The rest of the season is all business and like Casey said you can have one mistake for the year and that’s mine done. I’ve got to get back on the horse and do what we’ve done at the other five races.”

jack miller mugello 2014 (1)When asked if he would make the same overtaking move again if the opportunity presented itself Miller emphatically declared that he’s racing to win races and that if a gap presents itself he’ll look to get past:

“I go for the gap but I do it a bit smarter. Would I do it again and crash again? Yeah, if you see a gap you go for it otherwise what are you doing out there? I’m here to win races and sure the championship is the ultimate goal but it’s a bonus at the end of the year and I’m here to win races.”

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