Redding top Production Honda in both sessions

scott redding assen saturday 2014 (3)Scott Redding was once again the fastest Open Honda rider with the Gresini rider setting the 12th fastest time of the opening day at Assen. Redding however admitted that the gap to the Factory bikes in front was too great to entertain ideas of battling with them over the weekend:

“I think that this will be one of the strongest tracks for this bike but there’s still a big difference to go from me to Alvaro, who’s in the next group, which is over a second,” said Redding. “So it’s difficult to go that little bit more but I’m pretty happy because it’s a new circuit for me on this bike and it was pretty good to be the leading Honda this morning and afternoon. We have to keep working in this direction and we felt good with the bike. We need to find a little bit of rear traction because in Sector 1 I’m always spinning so that’s what we’ll work on for tomorrow.”

With half a season of MotoGP now under his belt Redding is able to get closer to the limit from the start of a race weekend but the Englishman admitted that the greater experience that riders such as Hayden and Aoyama still gives them a significant advantage.

scott redding assen friday 2014 (3)“Those guys have more experience so on day one and day two they’ve got a big advantage on me but then I can catch them up a bit. It seems to be that from the beginning I’m going faster so I hope to keep the gap like this and improve over the weekend. The race is the main part so I want to find a good setup and knock away the laps and then see where we end up.”

Redding finished on the Moto2 rostrum at Assen for the last two years and the fast and flowing nature of the circuit clearly suits his riding style. When asked why this was the Englishman admitted that his size plays a role in this but compared to his time in Moto2 and 125’s Redding is clearly at much less of a disadvantage:

“I like fast corners because I can keep the speed and you don’t lose much time. For my style fast corners are better than slow corners because with the weight I always lose out on slow corners but in the fast ones I can make up some time. I still feel at a disadvantage in MotoGP [due to my size] but because the bike is always trying to wheelie and it’s more important to keep that wheel down.”

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