Thursday practice action from the Isle of Man TT 2015

The one thing that I’ve found out at the TT has been that I would be completely lost if it wasn’t for the advice and help of my friends that live on the island. I’ve known Tony Goldsmith since last year’s season opening MotoGP in Qatar and I’ve been lucky to have him as my tour guide and host for this week and today we had planned on taking advantage of the good weather forecast to head up the Mountain and shoot from Gutheries but unfortunately Tony’s plan for me to have an “authentic TT experience” were far too authentic.

The Mountain Road was closed early today because of a road accident and we were forced to change our plans and shoot elsewhere. We ended up forced to shoot from the Gooseneck and while it wasn’t ideal the results were still interesting. It was funny that we ended up shooting there because yesterday in Kirkmichael we had been asked if we’d ever shot at the Gooseneck and Tony said that he hadn’t…because it was a bit too short circuit like!

As it was the day was still interesting and hopefully the photos were good too!

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